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Packaged Services On Fixed Monthly Fees

More economical and effective than internal teams. Proven success record:

  • we attract more than
    ONE million Visits per year
  • WE Generate 100+ qualified LeADS
    Per Customer Per Month
  • WE Turn Visitors into Customers
  • AFTER 1 Year MOST OF our cLIENTS' 
    RETURN ON INVESTMENT exceeds Factor 10 

For Successful Sales & Deal Closure

We automate B2B sales cycles and create trust throughout 
a well thought buyer journey (from first contact until purchase decision)
 with Web-based intelligence & Cloud-workers on fixed monthly fees.

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Developed to shorten sales cycles, increase revenue, and help companies grow.

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We take pride in working closely with our customers and seeing them succeed.

"We contracted VentureSkies to revamp our web site turning it into a sales engine, producing qualified, trackable sales leads. We are thrilled to see the number and quality of online leads significantly increasing ever since."
     Morten Landrock, Cryptomathic - Executive Vice President, EMEA.

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