The Basic Package

The rapid entry package for € 4,900.- per month for those who are new in inbound marketing and sales.

This package is best for those who want to attract customers, share news about their products and services, while keeping customers aware of their company.

 ︎ Kick off call

  Ramp up (research competitors & keywords, set goals, define personas, create annual game plan)

  Transfer of existing Website into the responsive HubSpot CMS*

  Inclusion of HubSpot CRM* or interfacing to your existing CRM

  Inclusion of a live-chat functionality*

  Inclusion of Automatic Workflows

  5 hours of monthly analytics and optimization

  4 blog-posts per month written & published

 ︎  Automatic and manual social media activities around the blog posts incl. active Twitter communication

✔︎   4 landing pages & Thank you pages per year

✔︎   4 new call to action activities per year

 ︎  2 concurrent adwords* campaigns 

* The prices do not include fees of external providers like HubSpot fees or fees for Live-Chat providers or Google adwords. The contractual binding period with VentureSkies is 6 months. It will automatically prolong if not terminated within 60 days or more before the contractual termination date (12 months after order).


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