Cloud-Infrastructure: Real-Time Enabler for Sales Automation

VentureSkies sets up and manages Marketing and Sales Infrastructure, integrated into existing CRMs.
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Marketing and Sales Automation: The Integrated Backbone in all our Services

Companies need to act fast in today’s dynamic market environments. Relevant data needs to be at hand anytime, anywhere and with the least effort. Information needs to be aggregated seamlessly and automatically, providing a strong and semi-automated platform to excel sales. Ideally, online and human sales intertwine, enabled by the right technical architecture with no compromise on data security and flexibility.

One integrated Marketing & Sales Infrastructure

We provide and manage a seamless, integrated Marketing & Sales environment, encompassing all the tools you need to grow your business online. It entails an entire Content Management System as well as tools for marketing intelligence, marketing and sales enablement as well as for customer education.

As a HubSpot partner, we use HubSpot's marketing and sales platform as backbone, blended with quality add-ons that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure.

SaaS Tailored to Your Needs

VentureSkies provides a hosted and highly secure environment with the partner company HubSpot and selected additional service providers. VentureSkies implements and optimizes this infrastructure throughout its whole lifecycle and manages it with the goal of shortening your sales cycle and growing your business.

Marketing Intelligence

Core functionalities, integrations and apps to gather and analyze insights about your competitor. This includes an automated assessment of competition based on their marketing proficiency (through parameters like quality and performance of blog posts, social media, search engine optimization, implemented mechanisms for lead generation and mobile responsiveness), the Alexa page rank, the number of indexed pages, the quantity of linking domains and the mozRank. In addition it tracks and provides posts in blogs and social media by your competition.

Marketing Enablement

Core functionalities, integrations and apps to support domain authority, lead generation campaigns, and Web Design. This includes a entire CMS, performance and goal tracking tools, detailed analysis features e.g. on keyword performance or on SEO-quality per page, adaptive content, APIs into existing systems, call-to-action and landing page generators, automated social media publishing features and many more.

Sales Enablement

Core functionalities, integrations and apps to help sales reps close more deals. This includes Live chat functionalities and email automation. The campaigns application provides an holistic view on customer activities, integrating goals (visits, contacts, customers) with a view on driving keywords and landing pages as well as on the performance of the success drivers such as emails, calls-to-action, blog posts, site pages, social media activities, Google Adwords campaigns, live chat and more. The infrastructure includes a complementary CRM, and can also seamlessly integrate with most other CRMs.

Special Requests?

It’s fascinating how quickly tools are evolving in this space. We love to work closely with you to determine what software needs you have and how we can solve them. These conversations might lead to evaluating and implementing additional third-party tools and services or even building solutions especially for you.

Your Advantages
Easy Access to Data

Achieving easy access to data will empower all of your employees to better understand your customers' needs and ultimately deliver better solutions to them.

Data Security

The technical infrastructure will be managed and optimized by professionals on a fixed monthly price basis. Your data will be protected against fraudulent and malicious intrusion.


Moving to an integrated marketing and sales infrastructure will allow you to more closely align your marketing, sales and product management, build better workflows, and create efficiencies throughout your company.

Mobile access

Accessing your data via your mobile will help you and your team to save time, effort or money. Especially your sales reps will always have access to the latest information about qualified leads in your sales funnel.

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