The Growth Plus Package

Accelerated package for € 12,000.- to grow your business faster.

This package is best suited for those who want to accelerate growth and acquire new customers faster, while giving competitors a tough time.

 ︎2 days of Strategy Workshop
    before starting

 ︎ Kick off call

  Ramp up
     (research competitors & keywords, set
     goals, define personas, create annual
     game plan)

  Transfer of existing Website into the
      responsive HubSpot CMS*

  Inclusion of HubSpot CRM*, Sales tool or        interfacing to your existing CRM

  Inclusion of a live-chat functionality*

  Inclusion of Automatic Workflows

  1 consultancy call per week incl.
      active consultancy on company
      product reception

  Website evolution: 3 newly designed
      pages per month
      (redesign of existing or new additional
      pages incl. drafted text) 

  20 hours of monthly analytics and

   10 - 12 blog-posts per month written &

  3 concurrent marketing campaigns 

  4 white papers (co-authored) per year

  1 company news releases to 1000+ 
      news sites per month

 ︎  3 daily social media activities
      (no social bots!)
      related to active campaigns in
      Twitter and LinkedIn

✔︎   3 landing pages & thank you pages
      per month

✔︎   6 concurrent targeted adwords
      campaigns *

✔︎   3 new call to action activities per month

 ︎  1 email campaign per quarter  

* The prices do not include fees of external providers like HubSpot fees or fees for Live-Chat providers or Googleadwords. The contractual binding period with VentureSkies is 6 months. It will automatically prolong if not terminated within 60 days or more before the contractual termination date (12 months after order).


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