Research and Transfer Projects include:

  • Strategic Value Net Project (2009-2013): with SAP and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The Project Strategic Value Nets aims at supporting value-driven, multi-level service composition in the context of the Internet of Services. In accordance with the concepts of Service Science, the outcome will be a contribution to science (analysis of value nets through Multi-Agent Systems), management (the design of a feedback loop to improve efficiency and effectiveness of value nets) and the technical accomplishment (a web-based registry collecting service usage data across multiple levels in the context of business process platforms and service marketplaces).
  • SkyRadar Project (2008): Development and implementation of an in-house radar system in cooperation with and M-Engineering.
  • NewSim Project (2007): Adaptation and implementation of an en-route Air Traffic Control Simulator with Deutsche Flugsicherung DFS (Germany) and UFA (USA) for the Office National des Aéroports, Morocco.
  • Welcome Project (2006): EU-Project on e-Services in the frame of eTEN,
  • National Distance Learning Project Thailand (2004): cooperative development of distance learning infrastructure and content for Thai universities in cooperation with Kasetsart University as well as the Rajamangala Institutes of Technology. More than 80.000 licences implemented.
  • L3 Project (2003): Lighthouse project of the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education for the technical implementation of adaptive distance learning structures in cooperation with SAP research
  • APO Project (2003): Development of technical infrastructure and adaptive simulation-based WBTs for workflow-led learning concepts under assignment of the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education.
  • Dassie-Project (2002): Transfer-Project for web-based infrastructure and blended learning concepts to the Western Cape, South Africa. In cooperation with SAP Research, the Western Cape Education Department and the GTZ