The Turing Gateway to Mathematics at Cambridge University at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences hosts a series of informative events in 2017.

These educational presentations are designed for academic students and professionals who enjoy sharpening their math skills, which can help improve a wide variety of industries from manufacturing to finance. These workshops and consultations feature globally known math experts as guest speakers. 

Events planned for 2017 include:

  • Environmental Modelling in Industry Study Group (April 3, 2017-April 6, 2017 at Isaac Newton Institute) - Working with Professor Onno Bokhove 
  • Developments in Healthcare Imaging – Connecting with Academia (April 19, 2017 at Isaac Newton Institute) – working with Dr. Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb & Professor John Aston
  • IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application
  • Data Sharing and Governance (June 27, 2017 at Institute of Child Health) - Working with Professors Patrick Wolfe and Sofia Olhede from University College London
  • 2nd Edwards Symposium (September 6, 2017 - September 8, 2017 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences) – A tribute to the life and work of Professor Sir Sam Edwards FRS, one of the great scientific minds of the 20th Century.This event is being delivered with Professor Mike Cates (Lucasian Professor of Mathematics), Dr. Raphael (Rafi) Blumenfeld & Professor Mark Warner, FRS.

Distinguished Speakers

  • Professor Onno Bokhove - He teaches Applied Mathematics of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. His research interests include design and testing of various laboratory configurations, such as weather prediction and hydraulic solutions for hyperbolic systems.
  • Dr. Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb - She is the head of the Cambridge Image Analysis group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at University of Cambridge. She is also convenor of the European Women in Mathematics Association.
  • Professor John Aston - Not only is he a member of the board of directors at Alan Turing Institute, he is a Professor of Statistics. His focus is on Applied Statistics, Statistical Neuroimaging and Statistical Linguistics. Prior to Cambridge, he held academic positions at the University of Warwick and Academia Sinica. 
  • Patrick Wolfe - He works as Professor of Statistics and Honorary Professor of Computer Science at University College London. He is also a Royal Society Research Fellow in Mathematical Sciences.
  • Sofia Olhede - She is a Professor of Statistics at University College London and holds an honorary chair for its Computer Science department. Some of her key interests include Big Data, Ecology, Finance and Oceanography. She also serves as Associate Editor for IEEE Trans on Signal Processing.
  • Professor Mike Cates - At University of Cambridge he is the 19th Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. Prior to his arrival in 2015, he served as Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His main interests are in the studies of soft matter and has worked on theories of active matter.
  • Dr. Raphael (Rafi) Blumenfeld - He is a Physics teacher and holds MSc and PhD degrees in Physics at Tel Aviv University. He specialisation is Theoretical Physics and works on soft matter.
  • Professor Mark Warner, FRS - He works with the Theory of Condensed Matter Group with a focus on Liquid Crystal Elastomers. He is also interested in unusual mechanics and differential geometry.

Professor Sir Sam Edwards Tribute 

Known throughout the world as one of the most brilliant minds in physics, Edwards lived from 1928 to 2015. He made huge contributions to quantum field theory following his research on condensed matter physics in the 1950s. He went on to pursue theoretical study of complex materials, leading to the current quantitative understanding of polymer matter.

During the 1970s he was Chairman of the Science Research Council and was knighted in 1975. In 1984 Edwards was named Cavendish Professor of Physics at Cambridge University, where he remained through 1995. He received a Royal Medal of the Royal Society in 2001, along with several other awards. 

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Photo: "Mathematics", Courtesy of Robert Scarth, Flickr, (CC BY 2.0)