Dr. Ulrich Scholten

Ulrich is a serial entrepreneur and research scientist in Cloud Computing. Ulrich successfully launched several dot-com startups including the Cloud-based radar company SkyRadar.com and the simulation company Ingenatic. During 5 years he was associated member at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI), a collaborative entity between IBM and Karlsruhe University. At KSRI, Ulrich researched viral growth and network effects in Web-based platforms. In 2000, Ulrich initiated Africa’s at that time biggest regional Web-based learning network “Dassie” for vocational schools, winning partners like Bosch, SAP, the United Nations Global Unit Program and the German Ministry of Development to join in. Ulrich holds a BA in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He was awarded with a PhD for his research in Cloud Computing in 2013.

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