Ever thought about how B2B companies use dedicated web pages to become industry thought leaders?

It is not just a mere task of the web development team to craft a modern website for the company . It should not stop evolving after getting all approved information passed on from a content writer and adding relevant photos to the pages. It starts with the research and development team, marketing visionaries, customer support team and everyone in the team working together with sales to create true value for customers.

The company website is the face of any modern business and online presences open the huge potential for establishing credibility. A well-designed solutions page is designed to solve customer concerns understanding their pain points. Supporting articles about the industry trends and innovative solutions can win many potential customers.

That being said, current businesses are ever changing and buyers' expectations have gone up right along with time. The old methods of operating may not be sustainable anymore.

To be convincing, companies need to stop trying to sell products and start selling solutions. 

Selling a product is different from and showcasing a solution. It is usually perceived that products are created to solve problems! Most products are designed to be one-stop solutions for everything. This happens when products are good enough to be presented in the market and can appeal to a wide audience, and the marketing team is all set to sell.

Solutions, on the other hand, have something more to offer. It is a combination of the products (or services) delivered with the clear purpose of causing a positive business outcome in line with a predetermined goalIt is a mix of things that work well together making life easy for the customer. Understanding that customers problems are unique makes it easy to conceive the buyer journey. This can be communicated with a storytelling approach on the Industry / Solutions page, adding a lot of details on solving specific problems. Being an industry thought leader becomes feasible when you start selling solutions based on research and customer needs. This ensures long term relationship with clients by making the goal finding new ways to help.

Here are a few points to consider. Ensure to consider these points when you draft your page:

Hyper-focused information which can engage customers

Thought Leadership is attained by publishing the highest quality content.The world is a global village and choosing a different vendor for an alternative product is just a click of a button. But, there is hope to win over the competition by giving a quality solution. Improving customer knowledge has the inverse effect, this helps earn their trust in the company and its products. Fine tune company website to engage and share useful information with all the potential web visitors.

Vertical industry structure catering to every department.

Industry experience really matters for the growth of a business. This is the reason companies prefer thought leaders in their specific domain to the overcrowded list of sellers. Industry experts have hands-on experience on a specific line of industries, during the good times and the bad. This makes the customer feel they save time and money partnering an expert enterprise. They can use specialized knowledge to promote business, with perfect fit into the overall business plan.  

Relevant Product Groups offering new perspectives to buyers.

Visualize every customer's requirement before crafting content. Helping customers recognize their pain points and anticipating potential problems set your communication a class apart. Make sure you portray the entire process of implementing a solution while embedding your products. This enables the visitor to get a new perspective on solving his industry-specific pain point. 

Success Stories base on solving a problem

Social proof or customer references acts as a bridge of faith for a potential customer. With due diligence on what solutions prospects they are looking for, an early-stage lead will remain within the database. This could be useful for a future pitch by the marketing department before the prospects are sales-ready. Modern customers are looking for tailor-made solutions and problem-solving skills will be the selling factor.

Links to market specific resources  

One or more products combined may solve a complex problem. Potential buyers prefer to dive deep on how a solution based product makes life easier. Products come with a list of specification, whereas solutions focused on solving problems keeping in mind the customer’s driving forces.

News and events

This world of internet is borderless as news and events get shared quite a lot. Embracing industry focused news and events is as good as PR. Adding news about the industry and attending related events will give more visibility for the brand. 

The trends in 2017

The designers in many of the trend setting B2B companies to conform with the described requirements and provided appealing "Design-following-Function" solutions, serving the overall goals described above. The outcome brought something new and beautiful - strong in the message, easy to grasp and extremely aesthetic. 

Decisive factors are

  • Long scrolling landing pages, 
  • Minimalist layouts,
  • Micro menues,
  • Consistency in design
  • Human responsive approach
In the following we showcase some best practices.

Conclusion :

Selling a solution makes the companies fundamentally reorganize about the way they do business. With the solutions page, you can offer an alternative buyer journey to the products page. To get in line with the modern customers' expectations, companies club together their products making problem-solving potential easier to grasp.

In short: We see a shift from pushy product marketers to genuine solution enablers. 

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