Alex Cosper, Ulrich Scholten

Alex is American citizen and an experienced author of business subjects. Ulrich is a passionate Web entrepreneur with a PhD in Cloud Computing.

Lean Design Thinking: Integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking in HubSpot

The combination of three powerful concepts can be a solid foundation for a new business: lean startup, design thinking and inbound marketing automation. 

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Lean Startup: A Change in Paradigm that Calls for a New Inbound Marketing

This article outlines, how the lean startup approach can help redefining inbound marketing. Away from a website oriented waterfall-model to an iterative and effective process that includes and impacts the whole company value chain.

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Using Hubspot to Automate the Lean Start-up method

 It's possible to strengthen the viability of your business by merging the concepts of inbound marketing automation from Hubspot and the Lean Start-up method introduced by Eric Ries.

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